Vorn Equipment

Changing the way you carry your firearm

Vorn Equipment makes the fastest rifle backpacks on the market. Their patented system allows you to comfortably carry your shotgun or rifle on your back. In this position, it is securely stored and well protected. Then when you need it, you’re ready in under 2 seconds. Now that’s fast.
Constructed using high-performance materials, the pack has an internal frame that efficiently transfers the load from the main compartment to the carrying system. Its straps and hip belt are engineered to deliver comfort without interfering when shooting.

Quick Rifle Release System

Simply pull the chord and grab your gun’s barrel. That’s all you have to do. You don’t need to take the pack off. And putting your shotgun or rifle away is just as easy as it looks. 

When every second counts, you’ll be glad to have the world’s fastest gun rifle pack on your back. 



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SJS Trading Co. is proud to be Australia’s official Vorn Equipment distributor and bring such a unique, practical product to Australian hunters. 

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The backpacks are made suit all conventional rifles and shotguns with most kinds of scopes. If you are in doubt, just get in touch and we’ll double-check for you. 

For further information and support, contact us on send us a message or call our Victorian office on (03) 9077 7533. 


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Vorn’s got your back – even in punishing terrain and challenging conditions! Each pack is constructed using only the best materials and leading-edge manufacturing techniques. Ultra-quiet materials that are waterproof  ensure long-lasting performance. 
Each pack sold comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.